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project woodlands

Kitchen renovation where the customer wanted a simple yet elegant lighting design, we fulfilled their requirements, with simple clean looks, this makes the whole kitchen modern yet very pratical. We installed smart lighting and power outlets so that the customer has full control at their finger tips.

project hatfield

Customer chose a very minmalist looking kitchen, and we had the task to make our lighting look clean and modern, yet functional. The three hanging pendants chosen by the customer, add a focal point to the whole kitchen design.

project paddock

Customer had a rear extension built to add extra space to the property, and we had been given the task to make the area as modern as possible. Hamilton Mercury lite stat lighting controller installed, so the customer has full control at their finger tips. Also a Sonos wireless speaker system, including a Nest heating control system.

Project oscars

A commercial resturant in need of a facelift, we had been given the task to illuminate the front of the resturant, whilst keeping a low key on the luminaires. It certainly added light and character to the building making it also stand out from the rest, LED lighting was used, due to their slim profile that blends in with its surroundings.

Project coldharbour

Working on this project was certainly different. Customer had fitted netting over a floor space looking below to another room, and our task was to add LED lighting round the edges embedded in the artificial grass, hidding the LED luminaires so it was not visable when not switched on. The results looked amazing.

project sherwood

Kitchen extension where the customer wanted something different to accompany their modern stylish kitchen, so we advised that LED luminaires around the lightwells fitted in a flush mounted enclosure would work, and so it did. It looks absolutely amazing and fits in well with their kitchen design. But wait we didn't stop there! In addition we installed Hamilton Mercury lighting, audio system, including Nest thermostat, ceiling speakers and outdoor speakers.