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We offer a huge range of electrical services including a 24hr callout.

At RandSons we ensure we work closely with you, to bring your ideas to reality, from drawings to site meetings, as technology is a foremost our future, we ensure that any installation complies with British Wiring Regulations BS7671 as well with building requlations. In this modern age, technology is used in almost everywhere we look, thats why its important for us to understand your needs, as we can also incorporate new ideas and designs that involves tech. Wether LED lighting, Multiroom audio and video, or a fully automated home that can be voice or smartphone controlled.

Smart Home

As home tech becomes more advanced we sure can cater for your requirements, we offer a huge range of technical expertise in this field, as we reqularly check the market and see whats new. Not only do we test new products, but we also ensure to our satisfaction that it will work before rolling it out to our customers.

If we have missed something out please let us know as I'm sure we can help.

Quality Assured

Why not give us a call to discuss your needs, call us today on 01923 608620, RandSons your local electricians.